null Clivet begins construction of a new factory

Clivet begins construction of a new factory

Feltre (Belluno)
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The ceremony for a new Clivet factory, which will occupy an area of 30,000 m2 and will be used for the production of heat pumps for the residential sector, was held in Feltre on 14 October when the first brick was laid. Care for the environment, all-round comfort and energy efficiency have always been the keys to the success of the Italian company, which is recognised as a benchmark in the air conditioning industry.

Stefano Bellò, the CEO of Clivet SpA, had this to say: "The construction of the new production unit plays an important role in our plan for growth in international markets and to bring our technology and expertise at the service of sustainable comfort throughout Europe and the world. In fact, it will allow us to increase the production of heat pumps to meet the growing demands of the markets, the changing needs of customers and new regulations, while respecting the environment and optimising energy consumption in such difficult economic times."

This important milestone is in fact attributable to the strong growth that has allowed the company, founded in Feltre by Bruno Bellò in 1989 for the production of chillers and heat pumps, to be so successful. It is present throughout Italy with 35 agencies, 160 service centres and 260 dealers. It also employs more than 150 people abroad at 7 sales branches in England, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India, the Balkans and China. In October, the number of branches has become 8 with the opening of a new one in France.

The expected annual turnover for 2022, despite the supply problems that have affected many sectors, shows a growth of 30% over the previous year driven by an increase in heat pumps of over 170%.

More than 670 people work in the factories in Feltre (Belluno), which is 50,000 m2, and in the 4,500 m2 production facilities in Isola Della Scala (Verona) where the air handling units are made. Half of the staff are blue-collar workers and the other half white-collar workers. Since the beginning of the year, to meet the considerable increase in demand, 80 more employees have been taken on, of which 55 are in production and the rest work in the various departments of the company, from Research and Development to Quality and Customer Service.

In the last year, the volume of the lines for the production of heat pumps alone have more than doubled, reaching more than 15,000 pieces to date.
Clivet has also developed innovative specialised systems for the service sector and industry based on roof top units, water ring systems and residential systems, always with particular attention to air quality. All Clivet products use gases with low ecological impact that meet current regulations, in line with the principles of the company philosophy. Clivet has also built a photovoltaic system that can cover 30% of energy consumption, equipped the car parks with columns for charging electric cars, and invested in new automatic and connected machinery, with a view to Industry 4.0. 

In 2016, Clivet’s industrial alliance with the Midea group allowed it to complete its offer with VRF, Mono/MultiSplit products. 
The Venetian company has always invested in innovation and digitisation to make its solutions even more efficient, connected and easy to monitor: in 2020 it created the Digital Business Unit for the development of Clivet Digital Solutions that can increase comfort and savings in buildings for residential, commercial and industry use. The Clivet Smart Home, developed for the residential sector in particular, guarantees the complete air conditioning of the home and smart management and energy independence with the development of a new energy storage system (Sinergy) that allows the energy produced by photovoltaics to be stored to power the air conditioning system and household utilities at night-time.